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About us

Pure gemstone handmade jewelry

Welcome to TeresaCollections, your shop for quality unique handmade jewelry. I’m Tessy, a head designer and creator of the jewelry designs you will find in this store. 


So how did TeresaCollections start?

I’ve loved wearing jewelry for as long as I can remember. I used to spend hours browsing vintage boutiques and market stalls in my local area, looking for chic necklace or beads that are fun to play with. You see, beads don’t have to be boring and old-fashioned. They can be edgy and eclectic. Have you ever tried wearing long string of red beads to your white office shirt and black suit trousers? Or short pearl beads with a summer jumpsuit? Some jewelry has a power to transform boring plain T-shirt and leggings into stunning boho chic outfit!


Pursuit of trendy chic style

As I love to change my looks and wear different beads every day, I soon discovered the styles found in my local shops are somehow limited, catering to traditional tastes, while I wanted something less casual and more unconventional. That’s when I began making my own jewelry.

At first it was a hobby, making necklaces and bracelets for myself or as birthday gifts to my family and friends. Later, after receiving plenty of positive feedback, I was encouraged to pursuit this hobby further and turn it into a business. That’s also how TeresaCollections was born.


100% handmade jewelry

All the styles you find in the shop are designed and made in my work shop. I take a big pride in all finished projects. Some take weeks to master – people call it ‘perfectionism’, but I know I only want to sell styles I would wear myself.


Pure silver with high grade gemstones

Here at Teresa Collections we sell only high grade gemstone beads. All our carefully crafted necklaces, beads and bracelets are 100% handmade using purest 925 silver, when stated. Wired jewelry is made using only the finest non-tarnish metals to preserve that beautiful new look. Additionally necklaces are hand knotted, preventing them from breaking and getting lost.


1 year repair guarantee

Did you know that we offer 1 year repair guarantee on all our pearl and gemstone necklaces? Yes, that’s absolutely correct! You have 365 days from your purchase to receive a repair absolutely FREE! Simply contact us via email with your request and send your jewelry for a FREE repair.


Learning and Development

Here at Teresa Collections we believe in continuous growth and development, therefore we always look for new opportunities to learn and master our skills. We want to grow to bring you better quality products, highest grade gemstones and purest metals.

Client satisfaction is what drives me – please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries and request – simply click here to email me and start browsing our handmade jewelry collection now!


Tessy Ed