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Handmade jewelry is exceptionally beautiful and it’s growing in popularity among the consumers. Trend setters love picking homemade jewelry for a number of reasons. For some users the fact that handmade bracelets, necklaces and beads are environmentally friendly is vital. Others, who relish their own unique style, love the idea that no one else is wearing identical beaded necklace. But there are plenty of other reasons why you might want to pick a hand made necklace, of which we are going to talk below.

Why pick handmade jewelry?

    1. To value quality craftwork

    There’s no denying – an artist who uses his passion to create a necklace from scratch is going to make a piece of jewelry that lasts longer than string of beads put together by a machine in a factory. Each colorful piece of the handmade earrings will be lovingly secured and artisan clasps made from highest grade metals will protect you from any skin allergies or scratches. Handmade necklaces not only offer excellent finish, this kind of jewelry will beautifully complement even a simple everyday outfit.


      2. Take pride in exclusivity

      Handcrafted jewelry is celebrated and pursued by all of us who love artisan meaningful artwork. You see, each homemade necklace or bracelet is a piece of art. It’s being designed and created by an artist, with the same attention to detail as a painting or an intricate ceramics. Therefore each pair of handcrafted earrings will be so much more precious to the owner, as they know nobody else is going to wear another like this!


      3. To support small businesses and not huge corporations

      By buying from small artisan crafts men you help people pursuit their dreams and encourage creative efforts in your community. Moreover, if you buy handmade jewelry from developing countries, your gesture could have a life changing significance. It can help young kids go to school, educate and improve their own quality of life.


      4. Preserve the environment

      Did you know that buying locally handmade artisan jewelry has got beneficial effect on environment? That’s right – by supporting artists who master their crafts on a small scale you do not let large manufacturers destroy the natural resources by transporting the goods across the globe and use hazardous packaging materials. Many jewelry makers are particularly focused on using only recycled and sustainable materials in their crafts.


      5. Protect your skin from allergies

      I’m one of the blessed ones who get instant allergies from any metal. Metal earrings, bracelets, even belt clasps – I cannot wear them. My skin gets irritated and I keep on scratching all the time – that’s extremely annoying. But I have also discovered that only cheap low grade metals cause the problems – I didn’t notice the issues while wearing silver or gold jewelry. Of course this kind of jewelry is expensive – and limiting – when it comes to styles.

      I adore the big chunky bohemian beads and necklaces – and absolutely love the large rings you can buy in the fashion stores these days. But guess what – sooner or later I discover I can’t wear them, as my skin rebels and gets irritated. The only way around it is to buy artisan handmade pieces of jewelry, the one you can find in TeresaCollection. Tessy, the designer and the owner, uses only finest grade metals when making her earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The metal clasps are anti-allergenic, meaning they will not cause any skin irritation or redness. This was a revelation and thanks to hypoallergenic jewelry I can now wear plenty of bohemian beads, necklaces, outrageous earrings and rings like I always wanted!

      If you too suffer from allergic reactions from metal, make sure to look for artisan handmade jewelry and ask the seller if it’s anti-allergenic. Don’t compromise on style, embrace your bohemian nature!

      April 12, 2016 — Tessy Edomwandagbon

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